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For whom ?

Futures & Foresight is equally important and rewarding for companies, startups, professional organisations, non-profits and NGOs as well as for local and national governments.


Each of those target audiences generally explore different questions about the future, according to their specific responsibilities and objectives, as for example:

Image by Israel Andrade

Companies that need to better understand the future of their markets or more broadly the future of work, entrepreneurship, management and leadership, increase resilience and innovation capacity by imagining products and services for different futures scenarios, and better prepare for risk mitigation, complexity and uncertainty, and generally develop more robust business strategies.

Image by Craig Ren

Professional organisations that need to explore the future of an entire sector, their future strategic focus or any other question of concern,

Image by Proxyclick Visitor Management System

Startups that want to challenge their ideas against different possible and emerging futures or discover new opportunities, as they are often either still stuck into early stage product, service and business model development or very focused on scaling their original idea.

Image by Su Nyoto

Non-profits and NGOs that need to explore the future direction of their work, anticipate the changes ahead, the future of the sector and the countries they are operating in or any aspect of it, or any other question of concern.

Image by Marco Oriolesi

National or local governments that need to investigate and prepare for the future evolution of specific areas of social, ecological, economic, technological or political life, or any other another question of concern for the society as a whole or parts of it.

Futures & Foresight project design, framing, scope and execution will depend on who is the principal and on the type of questions and issues to be explored.

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