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Image by Jacek Dylag

A foresight project or an Futures Literacy Lab can be carried out by any type of organisation or community that is confronted with uncertainty & complexity and the challenge to prepare strategically for the future, which nowadays means a very large scope of application. 

Naturally, every organisation wants to increase opportunities and limit risks.

As already mentioned, Futures Literacy becomes an increasingly important skillset in the 21st century.

Whether you are 


  • a company that needs to better understand the future of its markets or more broadly the future of work, entrepreneurship, management and leadership in general, increase resilience by imagining products and services for different scenarios and not only for the scenarios that they expect, or any other issue worth investigating, 

  • a professional organisation that needs to explore the future of an entire sector or something else,

  • a non-profit  that needs to explore the future direction of their work, or another relevant question of concern,

  • a national or local government that needs to investigate and prepare for the future evolution of a specific area of social, ecological or political life, or another specific question,

  • individuals that want to better prepare their own future or resolve conflicts on that path

  • any other type of community that needs to explore questions that are of concern to them for future strategic planning and for navigating in a complex and uncertain world.

Futures Literacy and its methods and tools thus can help these organisations to be more confident about futures and be better prepared by unleashing collective intelligence, imagination and creativity to strengthen resilience at all levels.

In other words, FL helps them deal with futures as friends instead of enemies.

Here's a more comprehensive list of Futures Literacy Benefits.