• Sylvain Cottong

High Level Futures Literacy Summit at Unesco

The High Level Futures Summit at Unesco gathers experts, politicians, academics and practitioners from all over the world. It takes place from Dec 8th 2020, to Dec 12th 2020 with a very rich and diverse program.

It is still possible to register for the remaining days.

The Summit is:

  • 7000 registered participants and the total is climbing every hour;

  • 40 plenary videos – of speeches and ‘futures conversations’ – available “on-demand” in the video library;

  • 97 content rich booths on-line in the Agora for browsing (some of the booths may also still be offering ‘live meeting’ opportunities, drop by to find out);

  • 225+ events scheduled over the next 3 days;

  • 1 special Summit ‘GUIDES’ Zoom room – click on the Guides tab on the left side of the screen to drop-in on exciting conversations with members of the Global Futures Literacy Network (open from 8AM CET - 10 PM CET).

Day or night, around the clock, in every time-zone, the Summit is happening!

It you want to dive into Futures Literacy, it's the place to be.

The resonance of the event so far is a clear sign of Futures Literacy going mainstream in the face of increasing and even exponential complexity and uncertainty as a necessary ability and skillset. It also is an artefact of the liminal moment the world is currently living in.

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