• Sylvain Cottong

Why are they no courses about the future in our schools ?

For a very long time already, we live under the myth that we can only learn from the past or at most from the present, for planning and seeing the possible futures. This is best illustrated by the fact that in every school around the world there are courses about history but none about the future. This cognitively conditions our brain to omit the possibilities of different futures as a learning journey and space to see and act on the present with greater clarity, more creativity, more imagination in order to create more novelty and value in that very present, besides of learnings and observations of the past.

In other words, our look at the future is uni-directional, and often even uni-dimensional, thereby depriving us of a whole space of learning opportunities and limiting our scope of action and development.

That's where the word 'literacy' makes its whole sense in the emerging discipline of Futures Literacy, considered by UNESCO as an essential skill for the 21 century.

By expanding our learning space with learning from futures, we can increase our resilience in a complex and uncertain world, and embrace uncertainty and complexity rather than fear them, be it at the societal, organisational, or even personal levels.

That's exactly the reason why Futures Literacy has to become a key skill for the future ahead.

Maybe we should rename 'history' courses into 'time travelling' courses ?

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