What we do

Image by Daria Nepriakhina

At Exploring Futures, we design the processes for Futures Literacy Labs and other types of foresight projects, moderate those processes and report on them.

A foresight project should always be designed and moderated by outside experts in FL (with no personal agenda), but under the clear mentorship of senior people from the client side.

Our expertise

  • design the whole process in its scope and stages,

  • help to formulate strong and efficient questions,

  • make sure that all relevant stakeholders are identified and invited to the process,

  • design compelling and engaging experiences for all participants in the process,

  • moderate the process so that every voice is going to be heard and that the conversation happens in an open and respectful dialogue,

  • keep the conversation on track,

  • provide the number and speciality of future studies experts required by the nature and size of the project,

  • report in a comprehensive, engaging and storytelling like manner on the rich learnings, outcomes and most importantly, action points, of a foresight process or Futures Literacy Lab.

To know more about our expertise and services, please contact us.