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Futures literacy
Futures intelligence
Strategic Foresight

Exploring Futures helps companies, professional organisations, startups, communities, NGOs and local and national governments to learn from different possible futures to make their strategic planning more robust and resilient, mitigate risks, spot opportunities or help them moving towards a preferred future.


Futures & Foresight practice already has a long history in organisational and governmental strategic planning. Today, Futures & Foresight is rapidly gaining traction and attention in the complex, uncertain and paradigm shifting times we live in, where traditional linear planning that is only based on learnings from the past often doesn't yield viable and effective strategies any more.


Futures & Foresight is not about predicting the future, but about learning from different possible futures to bring novelty and resilience into the present, to be ready to deal with many different possible futures that could unfold.

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Why Futures & Foresight ?

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For whom ?

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