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Exploring Futures offers different types of services in Futures & Foresight practice. Process design as well as participatory group facilitation are at the core of successful Futures & Foresight projects.

'One shot' Foresight Project Facilitation (For Scenario Building)
Image by Jo Szczepanska

A one shot Futures & Foresight project usually requires the following steps:


  • Framing your foresight project

  • Foresight process design

  • Foresight process facilitation

  • Foresight process evaluation, reporting & follow-up

Foresight capacity building within your organisation or community

​For strategic futures & foresight to be truly effective, it needs to become an integrated, continuous process with an established link to strategy. Organisational knowledge and employees’ and/or community members' experiences should be integrated into the foresight process. An organisation and its people have just as much to contribute to the foresight process as foresight tools and methods. 

Through means of established organisational policies, foresight should become a formalised process within the organisation, a routine instead of “strategic fluff”.

For this to happen, adequate structures and processes, communication policies and training programs in Futures and Foresight skills have to put in place.

Futures Literacy Labs

As a specific tool for Futures Thinking, Futures Literacy Labs usually require the following steps:


  • Framing of a Futures Literacy Lab

  • FL lab Process design

  • FL Lab facilitation

  • FL Lab evaluation, reporting & follow-up



The whole process can be accomplished virtually by videoconferences and collaboration tools, hybrid (on-site + virtual) or entirely onsite.

Image by Alexas_Fotos

We are able to carry out futures projects in the following languages:

  • English

  • French

  • German

  • Luxembourgish

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